Extend your reach globally through the international distribution of your publication

In the current climate – ensuring you reach your target audiences, increasing readership and circulation and offering value to your advertisers is key.  Publishers are aware the most valuable commodity they have is the brand of their publication.  To create international opportunities and presence involves international distributions who also need to have the same respect for your brand as you do.  There are key points that you need to research before choosing the right distribution partner:
  • Know the markets you want to access
  • Ensure your cover price is set correctly in the right currency and your barcode is set up for international markets
  • Draw up a list of strategic retail points within each market so your distributor has your preferences
  • Are you looking for more than one service from your distributors? Be specific about what you want as this will help distinguishing between the choice of distributors in the market
  • Do not miss out on the event opportunities within your preferred markets. Your distributor should have contacts here to give you maximum exposure
Every country across the world will have at least one distributor, but it is knowing who will give your publication the quality of service it deserves. For a start you need to ensure the transport and distribution costs from the printer to the distributor stack up, get this wrong and you will be losing money on every copy that is transported to its destination, regardless of whether a single copy is sold or not.
Not only is it important for your title to go on sale when it should, but the shelf life expectancy needs to be spot on, a weekly title remains on sale for 7 days, a monthly for the whole month and a one shot or quarterly for time instructed by you the publisher.
Once the publication is on the newsstand you need to be on sale in the correct outlets for your readership and for the title to be visible on the shelf to achieve maximum visibility and sales. It’s worth noting that advertisers love newsstands because of the exposure and increased visibility in new areas and publishers rely on distributors to provide valuable newsstand services—marketing, distribution, collections from wholesalers, cash advances on prospective sales, marketing reports and generally “policing” wholesaler activities.
A distributor worth their weight in gold will know how:
  • To adapt quantities to trends and seasons creating flexible distribution points of sale to drive sales performance globally
  • To create bespoke distribution strategies to increase loyalty among your core readers with a worldwide presence and convert occasional readers to subscribers
  • To report on sales trends, channel and category performance – helping publishers respond quickly to market conditions and events
  • To allow you to attract more advertisers through increased circulation across borders
  • To simplify export procedures and optimise transport to reduce costs
As long as the newsstand remains integral to your distribution and circulation strategy make sure you obtain the maximum benefit from it. Outsourcing distribution ensures you can focus on your core tasks.
Whether you want to deal with a distributor direct or via a third-party distributor Dynamic Thought can help you make the right decision for your publication.
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