Using events to generate leads

We know that launching and running events are top of the list for many publishers and brands in targeting new audiences, generating new revenue and increasing exposure.  But, live events are also great for generating leads.  This is down to the fact that an event is a great opportunity to engage your community, build products and to understand what your community cares about.  Events are where you can tell your story and talk to your customers.
From a lead generation perspective, it’s all about identifying who your customers are, what their needs and goals are and what their pain points are.  A well thought-out and targeted event covering valuable insight and solutions will create a win-win situation for you. You don’t have to sell because you are engaging your customers and potential customers in a way that gets then to talk about how your product or service can solve their issues.  That’s a brand builder!
So, what are the main points to think about?
  • Use your event to showcase a comprehensive content agenda. Tell your audience that you know the trends and that you can answer their questions
  • Add a strong industry-leading speaker line-up – nothing speaks quality and expertise than a name who has been there and done it!
  • Bring on your sponsors. Again, these could be big industry brand names and will also add an extra revenue stream to your bottom line
  • Remember people buy from people. If you come across as knowledgeable then the chances are, you will sell much easier and more naturally.
Even if you are not a big global company, if you get the mix right by associating yourself with other high-profile leaders and an exciting agenda then you can leverage off those bigger brands.  That brand value is huge in generating leads because the audience will have their problems solved by your product at your event!
A targeted event has the power to put hundreds if not thousands of ideal prospects in the same location and in the mood to make purchasing decisions. There are a few tips to ensure you generate the right leads:
  • Ensure your event marketing plan targets the right audience. It is better to have a smaller niche audience that will soak up the event and be more likely to buy into your brand than inviting a mass ‘everyone’ audience.
  • Spend some time profiling your ideal customer and build a good target list. This will help your sales team – your best customer profile will be your best prospect profile.
  • Brainstorm on the right event format with your marketing and sales teams to ensure you maximise the potential number of leads generated at the event and to generate the right traffic.
  • Capture leads in different ways by using special offers and multiple touchpoints before and during the event.
  • Host a post event party: This is where your sales team can follow up with leads and keep the dialogue going.
Put events at the heart of your lead generation strategy and watch your pipeline grow!
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