Concept Development


Dynamic Thought has extensive experience in international markets and industry sectors.
If you are looking for a new event concept or to launch or create an events division, then we can help you devise and develop the right market and format to suit your industry. We have helped brands create innovative events and shows to complement their publication and target audiences as well as appealing to other international markets.  Whether you require us to be the creative force, or deliver a formula that is tried and tested, we can work with you from conception through to delivery of the final product, managing the entire project.

Why launch an event?

For many publishers, events are now the largest revenue stream and research has shown that print and event revenue have changed places, with events offering a higher profit margin than traditional print- and in some cases up to 20% of total revenue

Publishers have almost all the assets needed to run events: Market penetration, brand recognition, diverse portfolios of products, creative people, an existing workforce and community partnership and strong editorial teams producing high quality and relevant content

Publishers have already collected valuable data on the interests of their audience making it easy to match these with targeted niche events. This knowledge and deep connections with audiences and advertisers gives publishers an edge on competing for ownership of an event niche

Readers are hungry to learn more and to connect with one another giving publishers a clear value proposition and enabling them to play to their strengths of creating and bringing together communities of people. This in turn, helps support the future of journalism


Dynamic Thought are the official event producers for the Grace Ormonde Live Experience series of events.  Grace Ormonde is the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Wedding Style magazine, a high-profile luxury publication focusing on and for brides who have a budget in excess of $1 million.
The publication is 20 years old and has a strong brand reputation in the luxury bridal market in the US.  We worked with Grace on a unique event concept bringing her brand to life with a series of 3 national luxury wedding shows in New York, Miami & Beverly Hills.
In line with her forward strategy, we will be licensing these shows to Europe, China and the Middle East creating a presence and exposure in international markets.