Content Licensing

content licensing

Generate a revenue from your content

We empower publishers and media owners to connect with their audiences globally through content licensing solutions.


Are you looking for new brands to license or new industry sectors to launch into? By licensing publications and content, you can expand your breadth, reach new audiences, and complement your existing journalism and portfolio. Harness the power of established, iconic and industry-leading titles – take a look at some of the titles we license:
  • Newsweek
  • Interior Design
  • Luxe
  • Metropolis
  • Dance Media titles
  • NewBeauty
  • Leaders Magazine
  • Licensors

    Are you a print and digital content owner looking to license your content assets? Licensing offers a great opportunity to generate a new revenue source for your business and to extend your brand into international markets with local editions.  We have successfully licensed B2B and B2C titles in a number of industry sectors and markets. We would be happy to discuss how it all works and how we can help you – it’s easier than you think!